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Friday, January 16, 2015

Earphone Review: Shure SE846, Recabling with Song's Audio Galaxy Plus, Whiplash Audio Twag3 and Effect Sound Audio Thor

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? It's me Bigsho. It's been several month from the last article. I'm really sorry about that. Now I'm back to this blog!! I will restart reporting about cables, earphones and amplifiers. Don't miss it!

Today I would like to introduce SE846 from Shure

Shure SE846

l  Quad high-definition microdrivers with true subwoofer
l  Patent-pending design for unparalleled low end
l  Unmatched personalization and comfort
l  Durable sophisticated design

114 dB SPL/mW
Frequency Range
15 Hz–20 kHz
Cable Style
Detachable cables with wireform fit
Cable Length
46" and 64"
Crystal Clear
Speaker Type
Quad High-Definition MicroDrivers

l  Black form sleeves
l  EAC46CLS 46- inch clear earphone cable
l  EAC64CLS 64- inch clear earphone cable
l  Zipped oval hard-sided carrying case
l  Durable crush- and water- resistant road case
l  Earphone accessory cables

 Sound Review:

For the first impression, I felt low-end improved SE535. SE846 has original driver system that expresses low tone like subwoofer.

SE846 has crisp middle and high-end and the sound quality is very clear. Tight low-end gives us groovy bass drums. It has thick sound especially bass sounds compared to HeirAudio AI8. I guess Song's Audio'sSunshine will add more thickness to the sound.
Its rich bass sound is really compatible with hard-rock and orchestra music. I would say that earpieces will finally define the sound. I think double flange type earpiece wound enhance the mid-high end. I used Comply large size this time.

For AOR and fusion music, I would say heavy bass sound would divide people's taste.

For Beethoven's Symphony No.5, SE846 can play dynamic music. For sensitive high-end songs like Debussy and Ravel, I don't think the earphone would match. However, recabling with Galaxy Plus and Universe Pro can cover its high-end expression. Whiplash Audio's Twag v3 and Twcu Hybrid and Effect Audio Studio's Thor can improve total resolution and sound pressure. If you want more bass sound, you I recommend Suncable's Ancient Legacy and Effect Audio Studio's Kaiser would meets your desire
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