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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Amplifier Review: Headamp Pico Slim USB with Ultimate Ears UE900

Hey, what’s up guys? It’s me Bigsho. These days I’ve realized that the more I do research on audio, the more I come to want to buy it! The UE900s were released in Japan about a month ago. I tried out the previous model, UE900, and I really liked its sound and appearance. The more I research the UE900s, the more…lol

Anyway, as I mentioned in the last article, I would like to introduce the Pico Slim!

A great product from Headamp

The former model, Pico DAC/AMP, was relatively small in size, but the Slim, as the name implies, is even smaller and lighter.


The Slim has the input plug on the back and a much smaller volume knob.
A leather case is included as an accessory.
There are many colors available: purple , red , black, gray and green .
A mirror finish is applied throughout the body which gives it a very sleek, sophisticated look.
You can charge the unit via USB or with an adapter. The powerful battery lasts 25 hours with 3 hours recharge time.

Alright, time for a listen!
Today, I will try the Pico Slim, COWON J3 and UE900 (!)

It enhances overall sound quality and sound pressure and the volume is at a satisfying level. I felt that the UE900 was not good at expressing low end with the original cable before, but the Pico Slim tightened it up. With rock music, the bass was clear and bubbly; easy to follow and groove to. And wiith piano jazz, I was astonished how well the amplifier conveyed the details of the upright bass.

Today’s music: “Typhoon” by →Pia-no-jaC←

The smoothness of the piano and the power of the cajón were incompatible without the amplifier. With only earphones, the subtle nuances of the cajón were too quiet to hear and upon turning the volume up, the piano became a little too loud. The Pico Slim pushes the volume of cajón up naturally which enables us to enjoy the both piano and cajón together.

The Pico Slim nicely expresses the midrange, and gives a nice balance between low and high end frequencies.
Personally, I really like its mild presentation of piano sounds.

Next, I would like to do a comparison with the Pico DAC/AMP
I’d say the DAC/AMP has a more delicate sound, but the Slim seems to have clarity and presence.
When you use headphones and earphones that have high impedance or you turn down the volume, you will be able to hear the low and middle ranges.
I would recommend the Slim for those who want to take it outside because of its better portability.

Frequency Response
1-Cell Lithium-Polymer
(USB or AC adapter charge)
Run time
25 hours (3 hours recharge)
70mm(L) x 39mm(W) x 9.4mm(H)
Power adapter
Carrying case
One year


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