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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Headphone Amplifier Review: JDS Labs Objective2 By NwAvGuy ( UE 10pro SE535)

Hi everyone! It is me, Bigsho. Hay fever season is finally over and it’s really comfortable to go out. On May 11th, I went to The Headphone Festival at Nakano.

C:\Users\Sho\Google ドライブ\写真\DSC_0078.JPG
Headphone conditioners from Nice Sound (Nakamura Corporation)

C:\Users\Sho\Google ドライブ\写真\DSC_0071.JPG
Headphone amplifier from Acoustune
C:\Users\Sho\Google ドライブ\写真\DSC_0097.JPG
S-EM6 Red color with Effect Audio Studio Twcu 26 copper

I am still a beginner in the field of audiophilia but it was a really good experience for me to feel the enthusiasm of audiophiles from all over Japan. They have an amazing depth of knowledge and strong philosophies about sound. I hope my blog can similarly inspire your love of sound!
Enough small talk---let’s move on to today’s review!!
I will continue by introducing a headphone amplifier from JDS Labs

Objective2 by NwAvGuy

The Objective2 expresses clear and solid sound.
Unlike Fiio E9’s mild and smooth sound, it is suited for a clear, sharp and dry listening experience.
Today I used Ultimate Ears 10Pro and Shure SE535 and an upgrading cable along with the Objective2.

UE 10Pro

I tried this amplifier with Ultimate Ears 10Pro and Shure SE535.
For 10Pro, I used: UE 10Pro + Sun Cable Baldur + JDS Labs Objective2.
This combination of the earphone and cable features a deep bass sound, so it sometimes seemed a bit vague without the amplifier.
On the contrary, the Objective2 played comfortable clear sound with the combination, cutting away all vague sound. Resultingly, it can capably handle both fast, driving songs and fat, thumping bass tracks.
I would recommend this setting with UE 10Pro.


For the SE535 I used: Shure SE535 + Song's Galaxy + JDS Labs Objective2.
I chose this combination because I wanted to express a sharp and strong attack to make the most of the SE535’s featured clear, crisp and dry sound.
These three units will perform best with audio that has outstanding drums such as music by Jojo Mayer.
The SE535 has clear midrange and high end with indisputable resolution. I recabled it with the silver wire cable of Song’s Audio Galaxy to add some emphasis on the middle and high tone.
Finally, the Objective2 accentuates the speed and crispness of the audio source.
As I mentioned above, the sound of drums is really powerful! Furthermore, the O2 still keeps the low end at the perfect levell. It seems that the sound peak is shifted to the middle and high frequencies. When I listened to jazz music with them, they beautifully expressed the subtle, fluttering high saxophone notes. In addition, I think that it will be enjoyable with hard bebop.
I would really like to try the Objective2 with other models such as the Sennheiser HD650, IE80, AKG K702, Q701 and Westone 4R.
Our official description is below…

High tone
Middle range
Low tone
Sound pressure


The Objective2 (O2) is an open source headphone amplifier designed by NwAvGuy, with emphasis on benchmark performance and low cost.
 The Objective2 is known for its cost performance and rich sound and receives very high marks among headphone amplifier manufactures. It makes clear sound with very high resolution. It’s suitable for when you want to listen to each sound closely.
The O2 is designed for running by AC adapter and has rechargeable batteries inside so you can use it as portable amplifier. You can choose gain level x2.5 or x6.5 depending on the device you use.

Silver with Black
One year
Frequency response
+0.01, -0.01 dB (20Hz-20 kHz)
2.5x and 6.5x
Output impedance
0.5 ohm
Volume potentiometer taper
15A or 3B
108.50 x 80.00 x 29.50mm
11oz. with batteries 311.844g
14-20V AC adapter
Run time
6-8 hours

See you again on the next article!


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