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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Earphoe Cable Review: Crystal Cable × Effect Audio Studio Piccolino (SE535 SE846 UE900 8IEM S-EM6 IE80)

Hi guys! What’s up? It’s me Bigsho.
I took my friends out and showed them around Yokohama, my hometown. We went to Minatomirai and had dinner in Chinatown ;)
C:\Users\Sho\Google ドライブ\写真\DSC_0046 (1).JPG
Minatomirai Area, photo taken from Sakuragi-cho Station

The highest building in the picture is Land Mark Tower and there is an observation floor on the upper floor. I noticed for the first time that there were only a few places in Yokohama to show around lol!
I mean… I’m not saying that Yokohama isn’t worth visiting, but… don’t expect too much. lol

OK, then, let’s get on to today’s subject!
Today I would like to introduce Piccolino from Effect Audio Studio. The Piccolino is derived from the Crystal Cable product line which is known for its very high quality upgrading cable. Its unique processing technique makes for a wonderfully clear and crisp sound. There are only three companies that are authorized manufacturers of Crystal Cable Piccolino and Effect Audio Studio is one of them. When you buy the Piccolino, you will get an official authorization card with the cable.

Compatible Models
  1. Shure SE846, SE535, SE425, SE215 Ultimate Ears UE900
  2. Westone 4R 3R, Heir Audio 3AI, 4AI, 5AI, 8AI,
  3. Sennheiser IE80
  4. Sennheiser HD650, HD600, HD25-1, HD25-2
  5. Sennheiser HD800
  6. AKG K702, Q701, K271, K240, K181


The Piccolino is not as thick as the Artemis or Hades, and not as hard as the original cables for Shure and Galaxy and Universe of Song’s Audio. I would say that the cable is handy and fits your ears easily and comfortably.

Product description
From the Effect Audio Studio website:

What is Piccolino?
Piccolino is derived from the Crystal Cable product line, which is built with the highest quality conductors and insulators. The conducting material is high purity silver, filled with gold, and Teflon is used as an insulator. Its noise rejection and power-handling attributes are exceptional. Piccolino implements a flexible core design that makes it ideal for portable hi-fi applications.

Why Piccolino?
CC Piccolino is an ultimate solution for your IEM/Headphone. Crystal Cable makes the clearest cables, requiring flawless transparency, also known as crystal clarity. Moreover, unless the pure silver cable lacks bass, the bass performance of CC Piccolino is even better than OCC Copper cables. It is indeed an upgrade to your headphone across the full frequency range.

I will move on to today’s review. I listened to these songs to compare and contrast the Piccolino with other cables
  1. “6:00” by Dream Theater
  2. “Beautiful Life” by Armin Van Burren
  3. “Dies Irae” by Mozart
  4. “Center of the Universe” by Kamelot
  5. “Beautiful Day” U2

Song’s Audio Galaxy vs. Piccolino with SE535

Both Galaxy and Piccolino express crisp and clear sound, however the Piccolino`s unique mildness keeps the sound from being too sharp. In other words, the Galaxy is very crispy, maybe even a bit dry, while the Piccolino has a smoothness akin to subtle, natural reverb which adds a beautiful and gentle fullness to the sound. I would recommend this combination for those who do not prefer harsh high tones and who prefer the electronic sound of rock and pop music.

Song’s Audio Galaxy vs. Piccolino with SE846

For the SE846, the earphone itself expresses stronger low end than the SE535 and the recabling adds a different taste to the sound. The Piccolino emits a crisper sound than the Galaxy. This combination seems suitable for those want to listen to the thickness of SE846 and the high tones of the SE535 together. When you use this combination for dance music, it will present a tight rhythm section because it can clearly express the attack of the kicks, snare, rhythmic melodies and compressed percussive elements of the song.

Song’s Audio Galaxy vs. Piccolino with UE900

The Piccolino tightens up the sound and gives it added thickness. Although Song’s Audio’s Galaxy is putting strong emphasis on the high end, the Piccolino expresses both detailed highs and also crisp low end with a tight, clear and focused sound. You will hear each sound stereophonically so that you will feel as if you’re listening to live music.

Song’s Audio Galaxy vs. Piccolino with Heir Audio 8IEM

First of all, the 8IEM has a very high capacity, so that when I recabled with the Piccolino, the power and sound pressure evoked was beyond description. Every sound--- down to the finest, tiniest particle of sonic information---was presented perfectly, with a little reverb. It seems that the Piccolino enhances the high end while keeping a lively low end and midrange. Timbre is rich with high resolution, similar to upgrading cables from Whiplash Audio.

Song’s Audio Galaxy vs. Piccolino with Ear Sonics S-EM6

The Piccolino and S-EM6 express a powerful sound with as high of resolution as the Galaxy. In comparison to the subtly vague sound of the Galaxy heard with big ear pads, the Piccolino expresses a crisp sound. Therefore, the cable enables us to listen to clear, punchy kicks and basslines. For dance music, you will hear thick drums and synths fully and clearly. For orchestral music, you will enjoy thick deep sounds with each note standing out individually in the stereo field.

Original cable vs. Piccolino with Sennheiser IE80

The original cable presents a mild and warm sound, while on the other hand, the Piccolino expresses solid and crisp sound. It enables us to perceive the every part of the song, from the tightest drum hit to the sharpest violin. The sharp sound also enables us to enjoy musical techniques such as staccato, legato, swing and so on.

Our Rating
♪High tone
♪Middle range
♪Low tone
♪Sound Pressure



I think thats it for today’s article! I’m looking forward to see you again soon!


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