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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Earphoe Cable Review: Effect Audio Studio Artemis Silver (Sennheiser HD800 Pioneer HDJ2000)

Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s me, Bigsho. I was browsing through some old pics on my phone from a trip to Kamakura...

C:\Users\Sho\Google ドライブ\写真\DSC_0038 (2).JPG
Great Buddha Statue of Kamakura
C:\Users\Sho\Google ドライブ\写真\DSC_0043 (1).JPG
Beautiful Ume (Japanese Apricot) Tree

I went there in early March and it was still cold, but when I saw those blooming and budding flowers, they made me feel warm and I knew that Spring was just around the corner.

I will continue reviewing Effect Audio Studio Artemis and today I’ll do another recabling with headphones. As you all know, headphone amplifiers and DAC make a big difference in timbre, but I won’t use them today because I’d like to demonstrate the high performance of the original cable.

Today’s Music: “Lluvia” by Bajofond

This group, Bajafond, blends many different musical styles such as rock tango and South American traditional music. They are often classified as ‘electro tango’. The group is an octet with violin, bandoneon, DJ, piano and etc… Eight players and various instruments ought to really challenge the earphone and test its capabilities.

Sennheiser HD650 original cable vs. Effect Audio Studio Artemis

To be honest, the resolution is dramatically enhanced by recabling with the Artemis.
The song that I chose today consists of many performers, so quite a high resolution is required for listening to each sound. The original cable provides a mild and comfortable sound, but when it comes to the resolution, it leaves a lot to be desired.
On the other hand, the Artemis expressed a very crisp and solid sound. It perfectly represents the audio by catching all instruments from the violin, synthesizers and bandoneon. Furthermore, it maintains a tight and full low end, delivering a consistently clear, driving beat.
I strongly recommend the Artemis for those who are not satisfied with the resolution of the HD650’s original cable and want tighter sound for the HD25-1 and 2. The Artemis’s eight wires are woven together so the cable is a little thick, but it is not so thick as to bother you.

Pioneer HDJ2000 original cable vs. Effect Audio Studio Artemis

Although the original cable has decent resolution, some of you might be unsatisfied because the vocal is “buried” under other sounds and the sound expressed is a little vague.
The Artemis, again, makes the sound solid and full. The vocal is given the perfect amount of midrange color, keeping it clearly above the mix. The HDJ2000 is designed for DJ play, so it already has natural sound. Once recabled with the Artemis, however, the bass drum gets sharper and more powerful. The high quality silver wires can manage both clearness and power as expected.
It is very well balanced combination. The cable does not change the timbre of the headphone but enhances the resolution, so it would work well for checking each sound during DJ sets.

Have a good day! See you.


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