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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Earphone Cable Review: Effect Audio Studio Artemis Silver (Shure SE315 SE425 SE535 SE846 UE900)

What’s up you guys? It’s me Bigsho. My school’s new semester has begun. It feels good to back and see my friends! But its a real bummer having to shell out $200 for my text books…. (`;ω;´)

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My text books...

I have spent money, so now it is time to make money… Let’s move on to today’s review!

Today’s Product: Effect Audio Studio Artemis

I would like to introduce the flagship model from Effect Audio Studio.
The glamorous sound of Artemis truly lives up to its divine namesake.

Effect Audio Studio Artemis Silver for Westone Custom IEM

Effect Audio Studio Artemis Silver for Shure SE846 SE535 SE425 SE315 SE215 UE900

Effect Audio Studio Artemis Silver (Oyaide straight plug) for AKG K240S, K240MK2, K271, K271MK2, K702, Q701

Effect Audio Studio Artemis Silver for Sennheiser HD800

Artemis is comparable to an improved model of Thor. Increasing the cable count from four to eight, Artemis was made with the impeccable craftsmanship at Effect Audio Studio.
Using high level materials such as silver based solder from Cardas Audio, EAS spared no expense making the nicest cable they could envision.

The eight silver wires enable Artemis to express fast and dynamic beats with ultra high resolution.
I would say that the Artemis has fuller and clearer kick, bass and low end than Thor.

If I were to compare the Artemis with Twag V3 and Hybrid from Whiplash Audio, I would say that the Artemis seems to have a more silver wire like sound. Enhanced lows, crisp middle and high end make this cable stand out.

Artemis has really high performance and its specifications were originally designed for use with high-end headphones like the HD650, HD800 and K702.

However, the Artemis is also quite effective as a recable with super high quality IEMs such as Heir Audio 8AI, Ear Sonics S-EM6 and SM64. I believe that the Artemis is going to enhance the sound quality for each model across the board.

Product Detail

Effect Audio Studio Artemis, upgrading cable

Artemis. The top of the line model from Effect Audio Studio. Upgraded to 8 cables and made with the finest silver material and craftsmanship, the Artemis delivers a thick comfortable sound with super high resolution, enchanced crispness and fullness.

For Shure SE315 SE425 and SE535, the Artemis removes the harsh metal sound which the original cables sometimes express and provides a smoother tone. It, of course, keeps the clear and edged mid and high tone of SE line-up.
For the SE846, the cable preserves the phones’ crispness and total resolution and adds power and stereophonicity to the sound. From dance to the jazz music, this combination will present any kind of music clearly.
For the UE900, the original cable expresses strong middle range, but the Artemis adds deeper low end and a crisper high tone. Its clear and thick sound would fit many genres of music such as fast jazz fusion or subtle classical piano  music.

  • Color: Silver
  • Plug: Oyaide straight 3.5mm
  • Length: 120cm
  • Compatible models: Shure SE846 SE535 SE425 SE315 SE215, Ultimate Ears UE900 SRH1540, SRH1440, SRH1840, Westone Pro 10 20 30 50
  • Warranty: 90 days
  • Cable Material: Pure OCC silver with Cryo Treatment
  • Building: Oct-Braided, soft and extremely flexible

♪High tone
♪Middle range
♪Low tone
♪Sound pressure




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