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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Earphone Cable Review: Effect Audio Studio Hades (Heir Audio 8AI and Shure SE846)

Hi there! It’s me Bigsho! My university started up again on April 8. It takes about two hours to get to school, so everyday is like a small trip for me! For my little journeys, I bought some new earphones!

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Rock It Sound R-11
I really love its warm and mild midrange!!

Today’s music:
“This Light between Us” from Mirage Armin van Buuren

One of the best DJs from the Netherlands, Armin Van Buuren produced this minor heavy trance/electronica tune. The song gives me “anacatesthesia”...;) Moreover, the bass and drums drive a mild and comfortable rhythm.

For today’s review, I would like to introduce an upgrading cable; Hades from Effect Sound Audio.

Production Description:

A Masterpiece from Effect Audio Studio!!
The latest result of the uncompromising quest for sonic perfection by Effect Audio Studio, Hades. The cable uses a cryo-processed OCC silver plated pure 7N copper wire, bringing out the best of its features: deep low end and warm middle and high tones with a crystal clear stereophonic soundstage. Using high level material such as silver based solder from Cardas Audio,  EAS spared no expense ensuring the perfection of every detail so that this product would  live up to the name of Hades, god of the underworld.

♪High tone
♪Middle range
♪Low tone
♪Sound pressure

Heir Audio 8AI with Effect Audio Studio Hades

Basically the 8AI is a very high performance earphone. 8 balanced armature drivers in the 8AI play high quality sounds with the original cable. I wonder how the Hades is going to change the timbre.
The high quality octo-braided cable increased sound pressure and dynamics.
It really goes well with electro music in which synthesizers and sequencers are used. The cable adds some nice harmonic details in the sub range, but without compromising the resolution of 8AI in any way. Crisp and clear mid and high tones, powerful kick and snare drums which support sharp edged songs--- these elements are perfectly harmonized to enable us to concentrate fully on the music.

Shure SE846 with Effect Audio Studio Hades

SE846 expresses fantastic sharp and crisp sounds at middle and high ranges without the recabling, but that doesn’t mean that the SE846 sounds harsh.
The first thing I noticed after recabling was that the Hades enchanced the presence of the entire soundstage. A boosted sub bass sound made me feel like I was at a concert listening to the song live. I would recommend dance, rock, and heavy metal music for this recabling.



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