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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Recable Review: Song's Audio NIght Stalker (Sennheiser IE80)

Hey there it’s me, Bigsho. It’s getting a little bit warmer in Japan and pollen season is gradually beginning. I’m already suffering from allergies!

So it seems to be the perfect time to stay home and listen to music with great earphones and cables! lol

Today, I would like to introduce Song’s Audio’s upgrade cable for Sennheiser IE80:  

Night Stalker

Song’s Audio Night Stalker, upgrade cable for IE8&IE80

Glossier and harder than the original cable

Night Stalker is not as flexible as the original cable, but this doesn’t mean the cable is hard to use.
Personally I feel that the original one is too flexible to wear over the ear. The Night Stalker is an easier and more comfortable fit.

The plug is straight and rugged.

I used the COWON J3 and connected directly in

I wonder how the IE80, which is known for its dynamic speaker system, thick bass and warm sound, is going to perform with this recabling

The first thing I notice is  that the low end (kick drum and bass) are clearer after the recabling. Night Stalker expresses low tones tighter than the original and is more impressive to our ear.

The cable also picks up subtle sounds and provides an excellent soundstage for each sound to be heard in its own space across the stereo field.

Today’s first song is Lady Gaga’s “Telephone ft. Beyonce”
I can feel the fantastic bass and the spread of sound field.

Another song is from Slipknot, “Psychosocial” 
The low and middle range guitars, and the high tones of the snare and cymbals are presented clearly in their own space without blurring or interference from combating frequencies.

Another tune! “Jazztronik” I thought the Night Stalker would perform well with piano sound… and it really did!

Night Stalker presents a really warm sound, so its an excellent match with high-end piano recordings. It also delivers deep bass and delightful percussion. Although I found the song to be a little gloomy with the original IE80 cable, the Night Stalker generally brightened up the sound and made for quite an enjoyable listen!

The IE80 already possessed excellent resolution across the low and high frequencies, but the recabling adding some wonderful brightness and even greater clarity.

Night Stalker is one of the most reasonable cables among other lines of Song’s Audio and can let you feel the difference from the original cable---so I would say it is suitable for those doing a recable for the first time.
Night Stalker is usable for both IE80 and IE8. If you have IE8, and interested in recabling, please check it out!

See you!  


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