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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Recable Review: Song's Audio Gluxy Plus (Shure SE535, Sennheiser IE80, UE 10pro, Westone 4R)

What’s up guys? This is Bigsho. I’ve been exhausted these days even though I’m on my spring vacation lol. Only shots of HPNOTIQ can relieve me from my fatigue!

Anyway let’s move on to today’s review! Today, I would like to start by introducing  

Song’s Audio Galaxy Plus

The main features of the Galaxy Plus are the two silver plated wires added to the original Galaxy and the 3.5mm white connector.

It has a more solid tone quality than the Universe PRO and a higher resolution.
If you try it with earphones that emphasize higher tones/frequencies like the SE535, you’ll be able to clearly hear each and every subtle nuance of the music, from strings to overtones and harmonics.When you listen to more energetic and up-tempo tunes, it might be a bit shrill to the ears. I would say that relaxing and soothing music such as jazz and classical music is best suitable when coupling the SE535 and Galaxy Plus.

When you listen to powerful vocal and unplugged song such as Chihiro Onitsuka and Chie Ayado, I would recommend the Weston 4R with the Galaxy Plus to enjoy balanced mid to high tones. It will reveal the subtle breathing of previously unvoiced sound.

The Galaxy Plus can convert the vague mid-low end of the Ultimate Ears 10PRO and Sennheiser IE80 into a crisp sound. So, with the exception of very bass heavy music, this recabling will give an excellent expression of  mid-range and high end across the musical spectrum (rock, funk, jazz and fusion, etc).


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