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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recable Review: Effect Audio Studio Crystal (Ultimate Ears UE900 and Shure SE535)

What’s up everyone?! It’s me, Bigsho! I ordered my new bottle of protein from the US and it’s arriving in three or four days! I cannot wait to drink it xD
I’ll await its arrival with my original crunk juice...

I mixed Shark and HPNOTIQ, then it turned yellowish green!

So…TODAY! I’d like to introduce an upgrading cable from

Effect Audio Studio: Crystal

I am going to use Ultimate Ears UE900 and Shure SE535 for today’s recabling!

Let’s begin with the UE900

Available in silver or black!!!

I will write more about recabling with UE900 in other articles. Don’t miss it!

I would compare the Crystal with the original UE900 this time.
My first impression is that the Crystal enhanced total audio resolution. A noticeably boosted bass created the impression of an expanded sound field, so the cable has no problem with expressing elaborately composed music. I was not very satisfied with the low-end from the original cable. On the other hand, I really enjoyed the rich low tones from the Crystal.

I listened to “Roundabout” by Yes today. The crystal expressed each sound stereophonically, even when the tempo kicked up into high gear. I also feel more sound pressure from it because the middle range and vocal appear to have a stronger presence.

Music: “Roundabout” by Yes

For the next tune, I chose “Bangarang (feat. Sirah)” by Skrillex to check the low end

Crystal expresses low tone very strongly! In addition to this, the sound pressure of the midrange enhanced the crispness of the song.
Next up is Shure SE535

The Crystal is both shorter and more flexible than the original SE535 cable, so I felt it easier to handle the SE535 with the Crystal.
The Crystal enhanced resolution and gave the sound more thickness.
One of the big changes of the recabling is the rich expression of middle range and the crispness of high tones.
The original cable made female vocals sound cold and metallic.

Our next tune is from France.
Music: Ravel’s Jeux d’eau (Fountains) piano play by Nobuyuki Tsujii.

Although this audio contains a lot of color and hig-end information, they never sounded harsh.

Above all, the Crystal enhanced total resolution and enriched the middle range with neutral and solid sound. I think that this cable performs well in every kind of music.

○BuyJapan Review table(the maximum is 5 and minimumn is 1)

♪High tone
♪Middle range
♪Low tone
♪Sound pressure


♪Compatible Models
・SE 846
・SE 535
・SE 425
・SE 315
・SE 215
・Ultimate Ears UE900
♪Code length
・Silver ・Black
・90 days

See you again with the next article! Bye

The Crystal for Shure (Black, Clear) on



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