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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Earphone Review: HEIR AUDIO 8Ai, Recabling with Galaxy Plus, Effect Audio Studio, et al.!

Hi there!! It’s me Bigsho! It’s getting warmer and warmer these days. I think it’s time to take my favorite varsity jacket to the cleaners ;-)

My favorite jacket---Dig the Gorilla? ;)

Today, I’d like to review a great earphone from 

Heir Audio: the 8Ai

8Ai is one of the best models from Heir Audio. The 8Ai is a universal type earphone so you can purchase it without ear impression. It has eight BA drivers inside which create its stereophonic sound. Moreover, it is easier to put on and take off the 8Ai than other earphones with eight drivers in it.

  1. Timbre is as mild as the 5A. You won’t suffer from listening fatigue.
  2. Eight BA drivers make the sound stereophonic.
  3. It has outstanding isolation, shutting out even noise on an airplane.
  4. You can order custom IEM. After your ear impression, you can order your original design on its body.
  5. You will get a crush proof carrying case.
  6. 2 years warranty
  7. Heir Audio Magnus 1 cable upgrade  is attached as an accessory.

Description from official website of Heir Audio
  • 8 Precision Tuned Balanced Armature Drivers 
  • Four Way Passive Cross Over Design
  • Two Balanced Armature Drivers for Low frequency production
  • Two Balanced Armature Driver for Medium Frequency Production
  • Two Balanced Armature Driver for High Frequency Production
  • Two Balanced Armature Drivers for Ultra High Frequency Production
  • AVX OxiCap Capacitors
  • Vishay Resistors
  • Hypoallergenic, Hard Acrylic Shells
  • Noise Isolation: -26dB
  • Impedance: 35Ω

Today’s music
“The Rain” by Work of Art

They are a hard rock band from Sweden. The addition of melodic guitar and piano playing adds some graceful and ethereal beauty to the music. I recommend them for melodic hard rock enthusiasts.

1. Westone 4R Default Cable

I used the Westone 4R original cable. The sound is simple and straightforward; there is no thickness or warmth of sound. I would say that this recabling is suitable for mixing and studio monitoring.

The Galaxy Plus improves the mid-high range without changing the resolution. The main feature of 8Ai is smooth sound. There was absolutely zero harshness experienced with this recabling.


Although the Thor has similar characteristics to the Galaxy Plus, its tight, punchy low end and sound pressure make it the superior choice. Overall crispness of sounds is enhanced. While silver plated wires were used to make both cables, the Thor’s wire count, coating method and weaving method differentiate it from the Galaxy.

4 Whiplash Audio TWag v3 

I feel that this cable very matches up quite well with the 8Ai. This combination expresses a warm, bright and comfortable sound. All of the low, mid and high tones are presented in perfect balance. Personally, I think that the TWag v3 expresses more mid-range than the Galaxy Plus.

Have a nice day! ( ・`д・´)


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