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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Earphone Cable Review: Effect Audio Studio Thor Silver (UE900, SE535, 10PRO and Weston 4R)

Hi guys, it’s me, Bigsho. I went to a curry shop some days ago. I could order as many naans as I wanted….so I had 4!

Huge naan isn’t it? lol

Anyway! Today, I would like to introduce a cable from 

Effect Audio Studio: Thor

WOW! It’s shining!!

I have recabled with the UE900, SE535, 10PRO and Weston 4R and compared it with their original cables.

Today’s Tune: “Pilgrimage” by Michael Brecker

A fantastic fusion song by Michael Brecker, released posthumously.
I would say that this tune is quite technical!
Top-ranking artists such as John Patitucci, Jack DeJohnette, Brad Mehldau, Herbie Hancock and Pat Metheny participated on the recording. I am sure that you would enjoy this highly sophisticated sound.

On the first impression, it seems the low end has gotten fuller and clearer from recabling. Although the cable brings out the low-mid range the most, the crispness of high tone keeps the sound from being too heavy. You can hear and enjoy the guitar and saxophone solos, so the total balance is not bad.

2. Shure SE535
Thor’s quad-braids increased the resolution and thickened the sound; thus turning previously harsh high tones into rich and smooth sound.

This combination really matches up nicely. The Thor makes the most of the middle range expression of the 4R. Its balance seems suitable for fusion and jazz music.
Especially, the dynamic and clear middle-range sound during solos is a noteworthy feature of this recabling.

With this recabling combination, the resolution and sound quality is enhanced, so you can enjoy hearing every detail stereophonically. You will hear the heavy low tone of the bass and middle range of the saxophone.


Our description at Amazon is below:
"Thor Silver" is made of luxurious silver material and the latest technology. This cable gives you a really thick, comfortable sound with fantastic resolution, even with fast and hard driving music.

With Shure SE315 SE425 SE535, the metallic high-tone sounds of the original cable are removed and the sounds are played more smoothly. This enhancement does not sacrifice any of the original strengths of the Shure SE series, indeed the midrange and high end tones are preserved.
With the UE900, you can even distinguish between the low and midranges of high-frequency tones---it’s that detailed.

With the state-of-the-art quad-braided UPOCC (Ohno Continuous Cast), cryo-treated pure silver wire, you can hear the fullness and detail of realistic live sound on a wide soundstage.
This earphone has been constructed with the highest quality materials across the board; it is without a doubt exactly the flagship model of Effect Audio Studio.


  • Color:Silver
  • Plug:Oyaide Straight 3.5mm
  • Code length:120cm
  • Compatible models:Shure SE846 SE535 SE425 SE315 SE215, Ultimate Ears UE900
  • Warranty:90 days
  • Material:Pure OCC Silver with Cryo Treatment
  • Building: Quad-Braided, soft and extremely flexible

High tone
Middle range
Low tone
Sound pressure


Have a nice day!


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