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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Recable Review: Song's Audio Universe PRO (UE 10pro, Shure SE535, Sennheiser IE80, Westone 4R)

Hello there! Nice to see you all! I’m Bigsho. I’m a new guy at BuyJapan. I’m a university student majoring in English. President Nickie recruited me at a bar. He asked me to translate his blog articles into English and I said “YES!” without thinking. Translating reviews of headphones, earphones and cables is my first experience, so I struggle with some technical terms and my English will sound odd to readers. I’m sorry about my English and… forgive me please lol.

Now…here goes today’s review!!

Today I would like to introduce an outstanding earphone cable---Song's Audio 

Universe PRO.

The Universe PRO upgrades the standard Universe wire count from 4 to 6 using a new weaving method to produce an improved sound quality with reduced microphonics (noise).

Dark cable, a little harder than the standard cable

Each cable and connector has the Song’s Audio logo

Model number is printed on Y-junction

It’s just one in a line of great cables from Song’s Audio.
original Japanese article.

Today’s music
“Complicated” from Let Go by Avril Lavigne

The song that made Avril world famous. Although it was released over 10 years ago, it still sounds great.

I chose this song because it features a prominent vocal performance and a well balanced rhythm section, things that would serve a good demo of the Universe PRO. The tempo and feel of the song are also slow, which will allow us to listen carefully.

1. Ultimate Ears 10PRO (original cable) VS Song's Universe PRO (recabling)

It’s immediately apparent that the Song’s Universe PRO cable has a superior bass sound. It’s far fuller, richer and deeper than the original 10PRO and really lets the vocal breathe and sit atop the mix. In spite of the thick low-midrange, the cable still maintains a high resolution. Overall, the tone is solid, mild and slightly emphasizes the midrange frequencies, more so than say, the Galaxy.

2. SE535 (original cable) VS Song's Universe PRO (recabling)

Universe PRO has deeper sounds than original SE535. It also cuts down the shrill, piercing high tones of the 535’s cable. The Universe PRO affords us a much softer, more enjoyable listening experience with clear vocals and deep, full bass. This recabling creates an excellent balance because it maintains the resolution of SE535 while enhancing low end and mid range.

3. Sennheiser IE80 (original cable) VS Song's Universe PRO (recabling)

On first listen, I could tell that the Universe PRO expresses bass lines better and more clearly than the original cable. Furthermore, it still presents a good harmony by expressing Avril’s voice well. This listen once again yielded a crisp sound with high resolution.

4. Westone 4R (original cable) VS Song's Universe PRO (recabling)

The original cable expresses the midrange quite strongly. Presenting middle and high frequency sounds clearly is one of the features of the Westone 4R, however, it does not match up with this song. You can hear the vocal clearly by recabling, but it also pushes sound pressure up.  But it does express highs and mid range clearly.

To me, it seems that the earphone, not the cable, does not match with the song. Westone 4R might be perfect for listening to jazz, classical and other acoustic music.

Next time I will introduce another article about Universe PRO. Thanks for reading!

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